1946? SHULT
Serial # No paperwork Price PARTS ONLY
General description Aluminum roof, masonite siding.
Bumper, Frame & A-frame: Front tongue frame is rusted. I've welded on a piece of angle iron which will work for a short (50mile) haul. A longer haul will require more work.
Dents, Scratches, Damage:   See photos.
Entry Door / Keys: Doors are in great condition, original Bargman locks, no keys.
Entry Step: There, but stuck.
Front Hoist: New, side mounted!
Hitch Coupler: Old style, works OK.
Roof: Been covered most of its life, see under 'special'
Screen Door: None
Tail, License & Marker Lights: Only one marker light left, one center mounted taillight.
Underbelly: Loose tar paper
Window Glass/Seals: Right side is almost like new, the rest are typical.
General Description Good for the year, see more description below.
Cabinet: Original
Catches: Original
Countertops: Not too bad.
Floor: Replaced in front, needs replacing in rear.
Floor Covering: A few different types of linoleum and vinyl.
Table: No
Unit Sleeps: X About 2
Walls: Mostly fine.
Axle/Springs: Look OK
Dry Weight: 4800-5000# ?
Hitch Ball Size: X 2"
Hub Caps: No
Spare Tire: Y or N No
Tire Condition: Reasonable, not great but passable.
Bed/Mattresses: Big one in the back.
Curtains: Only the finest.
110 Volt Lights: That's all there is.
Brakes: I pulled a wheel, brakes look new.
Breakaway Switch: No
Converter: No
Int. Fan (s): No
Plug for Ext. Lights: No
Porch Light: No
RV Battery: No
Furnace: Long gone.
Gas Bottle (s): No
Gas Light (s): ?
Gas Regulator: No
Range/Oven: Original, untested.
Refrigerator: 110V
Water Heater:  
Fresh Water Tank: No
Kitchen Sink: Original
Sewer Holding Tank: No
Shower: No
Toilet: Long story, see below.
Tub: No
Waste Holding Tank: No
Water Intake Valve (City): No
Water Pump: No
SPECIAL    Masonite sided trailer are almost non-existent because of the elements. This one survived because it has been covered with not only a roof but also a full length porch for most of its life. There are problems though...the rear floor needs replacing, the bathroom has been added on and the toilet was placed where part of the wheel well is suppose to be. You can not have a tire and a toilet in the same place. The front cap has been dented in to make room for the added on roof, the back cap also have a few dents from the same thing. A super rare old trailer deserving of some TLC.
OTHER  Of all the trailers we've 'fetched' over the years, this takes the cake as far as work involved. A friend and I worked 5 straight Sunday mornings to get it pried from it's long time resting place and ready to travel. Then a bulldozer had to be used to bring it up a nearly vertical driveway from the edge of Cayuga Lake. But the trailer has been saved from what would have been a slow painful death at the hands of the scrappers.......   We are in business to make a profit, albeit small, but this trailer is the exception. I have more time/money wrapped up in this than I feel I can justify.  We'll loose money (oh boo hoo) but at least the old Schult still exists.
Dolly Wheel: Why, yes there is.
Equalizer Bars: No
Hitch Head: No
Owner's Manual: No
Sway Control: No
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    Interior pics soon
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